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Just when i though the winter is over

Tainan temperature today suddenly drop to 14 degree celcius and the wind blow very strong.

Before Lunar new year I think that Taiwan already facing the spring season because the temperature already reach 25 degree celcius but then start from Lunar new years eve, the temperature slowly drop and today is the worst (i barely went to the Laboratory if only i don't remember i have experiment to do, i bet i'm still sleeping under the warm blanket).

I don't know what happen to me but for this spring semester, i took 3 chemistry classes.
first is chemical principle, the other is advanced organic chemistry (oh God why i choose this class--organic chemistry which is the most difficult classes in my undergraduated study--) and chemical tracer analysis (i don't know what kind of class is this but why don't give it a try). I hope my chemistry memory can save me to survive this semester. And one other class that i also took is biological principle (hahaha sounds a little bit boring but i don't have much option since there only a few english class in this university).

And as i promise to you this the photo from my bike trip to Anping

The bike track

The famous Anping red bean tofu

The sunset beach

When you come to Tainan, i already promise you that i will become your tour guide^^, so it's your turn to fulfill your/ours promise ok?
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