bluefireflies (bluefireflies) wrote,

Count down for upcoming world cup

Waiting patiently for 4 years

COUNT DOWN FOR June 11th 2010.

Afrika Selatan South Africal (Johannesburg JSC | 22:00) Meksiko Mexico
excited excited \0/
List to do :
1. Searching for the best TV streaming (I freaking fell in love with Taiwan's internet connection /kisses the LAN cable)
2. Prepare the snack and drink XD (i miss kacang atom and pillus T__T)
3. Open the gambling game with my friends XD
4. I didn't bring my Spain national uniform to here FML :(
5. Fabregas bb you better show your amazing assist in every match (i demand you  &hearts &hearts &hearts )
6. Hope the final will include either Spain or Germany or Argentina /cross finger

Wonder if Suju boys also anticipate the world cup, i bet Eunhyuk and Donghae will :)
Hope they will tweet something related to the world cup XD
Wookie i beg you, change your hairstyle pretty please and baby Kyu hope for your fast recovery :)

back to the homework again (i'm bored doing this never ending organic chemistry homework -A-)

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