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Because my lovely dongsaeng paradox_sekai tagged me so without further a do here we go ^^

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose some people to be tagged. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. I love to tugged and touch my ears if i am bored or going to sleep, this habit comes from my father^^ and among of his six daughters 3 of us have this habit xD

2. Right now i question about my boys orientation, why now i found younger boys are lovely (pedo-noona alert) xD This including Kim Ryeowook and Cho Kyuhyun also my Junior (you..yes you, the class leader)

3. Until now, i still live Gundam very much, Gundam Wing is the  first series that makes me love them. Quatre Raberba Winner is my favorite character (Arabian crybaby lovely pink lover thoughtful not so high boys) but my favorite mobile suit is Deathsytche Hell.

4. Since i come to Taiwan, i noticed my habit kinda changed especially wake up time. In my country i usually got up at 5 and then continue doing activities without go back to sleep but here after wake up at 5 for praying i will continue my sleep and wake up at 8 or 9. I kinda hate myself for this ;A;

5. My favorite drinks in Taiwan is Sin Cau Tong Nae Lu (Green tea with Cincau) and Xiangjiao niu  nae (Banana Milk) 

6. When i was on my 4th year University, i experienced a situation that made me almost dying ;A;, me and my friends going for Rafting and our boat are flipped over. I am lucky because i reached big rock to prevent me from taken along by the stream but i saw in front of me my friends being tortured by the stream, luckily all of us are safe, no-one have a fatal injury :D

7. Been waiting for KRY ticket concert right now, post box will become my most seeing item. Cannot wait to have the ticket in my pocket xDD any request anyone? :)

8. Favorite colors are Green, Blue, White and Ivory

9. Once i am so obsessed with Brown even brown is my criteria for my future husband (boys suitable wearing brown) LOL

10. People always said i looked similar with Chinese people. This kinda annoy me back then when i was a child but not anymore :) i have a small eyes compare to  averages Indonesian people but my father and mother are not Chinese

11. Wondering how dangerous my experiment right now, i have to deal with a mutagenic chemical (EtBr) everyday ;A; and i will do clonning (sound cool rite ^^)

12. I currently studying environmental engineering in molecular biotechnology. Not my speciality in Undergraduated day back then i specialized in Recycling and i have to admit molecular is bloody hard ;A;

13. Love to see thriller and sadistic movie like Saw, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Not that i love see blood this is what my father do to me (again), my and my sisters become horror freak all because of him continuesly buying that kind of movie

14. Cannot write but enjoyed reading fanfic very much (thank you to all beautiful author for sharing your works)

15. is a procrastinator

16. My friend called me Naknak for some shameful reason xD

17. Always thingking when will i get married now /shot. I wanna have a baby ;A;

18. My favourite book so far is Masnawi by Mawlana Jalaludin Rumi. A persian poetic and have a secret of islamic world in there. Very beautiful yet so mysterious

19. I kinda a shy type, people sometimes said i arrogant but i traesure friendship most. People who know me well will said i'm very different with their first impression about me :)

20. Don't like hospital or going to doctor. i rather took medicine by myself rather than went to see a doctor

21. I really wanna fixed my poor Chinese :(, been in Taiwan for 1 year but still not good at all

22. Strangely i don't like cat. I prefer dog but i'm not allowed to have them ;A;

23. Been listening to JYJ, SG Wannabe and Imogen Heap this day. I really a fans of Immy she's brilliant

24. I miss my family very much, my little sisters i wanna pinch their cheek until it get red

25. Kim Ryeowook can made me happy and emo at the same time :)

Finished xDDDD
i won't tagged anyone, feel free to do it if you have time.
Now back to my PPT ;A;

Tainan, 2010-10-28
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