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Early End of Winter

One thing that make me curious about Taiwan is that they have a winter season.
Because i came from a tropical country that only have 2 seasons (dry and rain)

When first time i came here, Taiwan is in the end of summer and it's freaking hot, 10 times hotter than my country.
But the temperature slowly drop in the beginning of December.

Even though i'm a little bit dissapointed because there were no snow in Taiwan, but the temperature already make me uncomfortable all days. Especially the day when the wind blow very strong.

But in this year something special happen. The winter season ended early, my friends said that last year, the winter end after Lunar New Year but this year the temperature already rise before the Lunar New Year.

As for me, i'm a little bit glad and dissapointed at the same time because now i can have a shower with cold water again but i also have to endure the hot temperature again.

Well hope next year the weather will be nice.
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